Tour Features

We distinguish ourselves from other virtual tour providers by offering a superior experience. Our 3D tours go beyond traditional walk-throughs by providing a vast range of tools and exceptional clarity for an unparalleled level of immersion.

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Information Tags

Point tags is one of the best ways to get the most out of your virtual tour. They add context, pick out key features and create opportunities for interactivity.

Highlight Reel

Presented as a seamless guided walkthrough, the highlight Reel is the best way to direct visitors to important or impressive areas. During the tour, we add captions for more information and context about each area.

Traditional Media

We cover all aspect of content creation for each tour. Our highly skilled production team use the very latest equipment to capture stunning Content for bespoke projects.

Accessible Online

Our tours are accessible across all operating platforms and devices. Attach the tour link to your website, social media page, mailing list or marketing campaigns.

Google Street View

Increase your showrooms visibility and search ranking with direct integration with Google Street View and My Business Profile.

Advanced Navigation

The user-friendly interface allows the 3D model to be explored as a click-through or an automated guided walkthrough.

VR Compatible

For the ultimate viewing experience, invite customers to explore your tour through a VR Headset such as Samsung VR, Google Cardboard, Oculus and Daydream headsets.

Clickable 3D Text

Add floating clickable 3D text anywhere in your tour.

Voice Over Integration

Trigger location based audio to specific scans throughout your tour.

Interactive Mini Map

2D interactive map for quick navigation around the 3D space.

Clickable 3D Objects

Clickable 3D media anywhere in your tour.

Background Audio

Add background music or casual ambience to your virtual tour to enhance the experience for visitors.

Showcase Branding

We enhance the showcase's menu to match your company branding.

Custom UI Text

We can change any text in the showcase or translate text into your own language.

Password Protect

Safeguard sensitive information with optional encrypted password protection.

Video Walls

Feature videos and/or images in frames on your space walls.

Navigation Menu

We highlight points of interest with a stylish detailed navigation panel.

Custom Interactive Tags

We change the icon, font, scale, hover size, background image and opacity.

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